Monday, February 20, 2012

Lattice Cards

 A good friend of mine shared a link with me the other day about lattice cards on utube, well that was what I sat watching for the rest of my day.  Today, finally 3 days later I got the time  to sit and make a couple, too fun.

Ok, I have to try the basket one in a lighter color, this is looking a tad dark, when closed it's  better with the beige insert showing through.

 I like this look better with contrast showing through the basket.
I'm kind of happy with the blue one, this was my very first, not too shabby for having a dropsy kind of day, yes every little thing I touched hit the floor more than once.  I'd call that my exercise for the day.

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Carrie said...

ooo very pretty! These sure are fun to make

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