Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thanks Snow Much

This is a thank you card for a challenge I was lucky to win at Atrful Inkables, their first challenge posted, my first challenge entry & I was number 1 to post, yep I won a grab bag of Artful Inkable stamps, one of my favorite companies.  This card should be well on it's way to Utah already & tomorrow it will be.  Life held me back a little, hubby had hernia surgery, though he is doing well, he still can't do what he wants so I've be trying to help keep him entertained, not an easy job since we are SO different.  I ask myself & him many times how we managed to stay together 30 years, we still like each other too.  Ok, now I have to go find the envelope, I know where it is behind a drawer but I usually rely on him to pull out these things, it's the kind of drawer that sticks but I have to do it myself, I know poor me......LOL  I don't know why this post is all crooked either.


Stitchinwitch said...
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Stitchinwitch said...

That is such a cute card. Hope your hubby is feeling better soon

Tracey SBS 26

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