Monday, March 30, 2009

Glitter Bees

For this card I applied clear drying glue, glitter & crumpled tissue, when dry I stamped on the acetate, colored on the backside (tissue) with Copics & mounted. I used a light blue glitter which reminded me of clouds when it was all dry. I've had these well inked stamps for about 10 years but haven't used them in a very long time.


Julie Temple said...

Too Cute, Barb!! LOVE the sparkles!


Very_Inky_fingers said...

That is just beautiful!

Iberostar said...

Very nice - I really like the bees! Did you do the printing on the front?

R. Bungart said...

Beautyfull! Great work!

Barb said...

Thanks for the oh so nice comments.
The printing on the front is a stamp, if I'd printed it you wouldn't be able to read

Betty said...

Your background does look like sky! Great job!
I love that background technique. Always wanted to try - but I am way too messy when it comes to glitter, that's why I stick with stickles.....


tomoh said...

Hi, Barb!,
Thanks for your visiting my blog the other day.
You created so many pretty works.
The "Glitter Bees" is so Gorgeous!

Jenny, said...

Oh I just adore this card.

melody said...

SCRUMPTIOUS card chickie and what a beautiful sentiment


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