Monday, February 9, 2009

Faces of a Vase

You've heard the expression a frown is just a smile turned upsided down, well, these faces are vases turned upside down. I saw this idea in a magazine a few years ago but never got around to trying it, now I just saw it again in Scrap & Stamp & couldn't resist. They are actually vase punches turned upside down, the eyes are a sun punch cut in half with gems stuck on, the lips are a very tiny leaf punch. The hair is a punch as well but I can't remember the name, I punched these out from a friend's punch when I first saw the article & amazed myself that I was able to find them a few years later. You could also use a flower or snowflake punch for hair. A few fibers on the neck to conceal the mouth of the vase. I think these are so funky I'll have to try doing some more of them.


Julie Temple said...

OMG those are SO CUTE!! I love how they are made with ALL punches...they're GREAT!


Betty said...

Barb -- I love these -- are they ATC size --if so, wanna swap? LOL


Cindy said...

Oh Barb, these are just adorable, I'll have to save this so I can try it at some point.

Dee Beattie said...

yup yup yup ...these are fantastic,,, I too have made these and they are way fun,,,,your blog is fantastic barb,,,,

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